Family Fun at Home

Aug 28, 2020

Are you spending a lot more time in your home these days? We think the answer for all of us is yes! With quarantine, lockdowns, restrictions, weird business hours, working from home, and online schooling for the kiddos, we are all going stir crazy! I bet you’re wondering how you can make this situation better, right? Here are three ways that you can make this time more enjoyable for yourself and for your family! 


1. Buy some games for a family game night.

At this time most of us may think “I’ve seen my family every day, I need a break!” Seeing and living with your family from day to day doesn’t always mean that you are getting quality time with them. Spending intentional time with your family is always important, so what better time to do that than now? And what better way than a good old-fashioned family game night! There are thousands of games out there that would be great to play. The most popular game in 2020 is a game called Pandemic. What a coincidence! Remember there are always the classics like Monopoly, Catchphrase and even Uno! 

2. Enjoy a nice day at the park. 

Grove Landing is great for multiple reasons, one of which is the wonderful parks located nearby! The one we recommend to you is Burroughs Park. Burroughs Park is a great place to play and get some exercise. You could even sit on the picnic tables and work remotely or have the kids do their online schooling. It’s always nice to be able to get some fresh air! 

3. Have a family movie night.

Who doesn’t enjoy a good movie? Get creative and set up a “drive-in” movie in the backyard or go all out in your living room with your coziest blankets and best snacks. Get comfy and settle in together for a great night. Whether you pull out the classics or watch something new, a movie night is always a good idea!